Kevin Powe

Kevin Powe

Membre depuis 6 années •
"Warm, authoritative and welcoming. Hiding an array of villains."

Professionally trained in a number of dialects (US Gen-Am, US Southern, Russian, English RP)
Versatile performer with a solid grasp of character and copy.


I train regularly under the amazing Anna McCrossin-Owen, and Stephen Costan.
I've travelled overseas to study under Pat Fraley and Scott Burns, and I've had the pleasure of also training under Crispin Freeman and Dave Fennoy.


Currently wrapping work on a lead role in an independent sci fi film. (ADR performance over on-camera performance)
Cast as multiple roles in Trinket Games' Battle Chef Brigade (including fan-favourite Ziggy)
Voiced character in Warframe's Plains of Eidolon expansion.


Provide basic sound editing, and can add music beds to v/o on request (happy to discuss rates!)