Keoki Trask

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Keoki Trask

I bring passion to my voice work and jump into scene, bringing to life not only the script at play, but the environment and other actors creating the world near me (even if they're not recorded yet). I whisper into my radio when playing a spy sneaking up on a target, I shout over the sound of helicopter blades as I duck inside when playing a politician, I fuel adrenaline into my performance with panicked breathing when under fire in a firefight as a soldier, I jump back with shocked joy and a whoop when playing a redneck out tinkering with a pistol against the barn. I bring it.


I graduated from Full Sail in 1996 and started out immediately recording, editing and mastering voice talent for Disney. After a short stint on the other side of the sound board, I was asked to be a voice talent for the brand, signed on and it's been a fun ride since.


I've provided voice work and post sound for brands like Disney, Universal Studios, WWE, Bravo TV, The Discovery Channel, The Sci-Fi Channel and The Travel Channel, as well as countless film, TV, radio, podcast, video game and animation studios around the world.


I am a post production audio engineer and enjoy sound design, film composition and traditional acting.