Katherine Leask

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"Warm, inviting and captivating mezzo/alto"

Listeners describe my voice as warm, evocative, inviting, reassuring, captivating, enveloping, and transporting, meaning I can transport you into the world of the story I'm creating. I am a born storyteller. My voice quality is authoritative without being intimidating. Sensitive but strong. I can make the difficult and dense sound simple and relatable. I am approachable, caring, trustworthy, with an ability to make you relax and know you are in good hands, who will steer with confidence; and at the same time I am fun with a little wacky streak.
I have a chameleon's ability to create myriad characters and make them believable, both male and female, from wise to wicked.


I've studied Voiceover with such talented industry pros as Tish Hicks of LA's The VO Dojo, where I'm an Nth Degree Member;
and I've taken intensive workshops with Casting Directors such as Andy Roth, Nina Pratt, Jen Rudin, Lisa Fischoff, Rebecca Yarsin, Doreen Frumkin, Jean-Marc Berne, Rayme Cornell and others.
I am a member of the SAG-AFTRA Foundation EIF Voiceover Lab in New York City and have completed an extensive curriculum there covering many aspects of Voiceover with the stellar faculty of working pros, from commercial to audiobook to promo.
I regularly participate in Pro workouts with working peers industry decision makers, as well as special workshops with noted audiobook narrators such as Audie Award winners Piper Goodeve and Suzann Torin, and with Elise Arsenault, founder of Audiobook Adventurers.


I was a series regular in the hit Nickelodeon animated series The Wonder Pets, in addition to voicing other cartoon characters on several shows such as Team UmiZoomi.
I have voiced numerous radio and television spots for such clients as Weight Watchers, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Designer Shoe Warehouse, Chevrolet and more.
I am also an audiobook narrator; recent work includes the crime novel A Second Chance at Death, and I am now completing the 4-part Young Adult "Ialana" fantasy series, available on Audible.com.
I have narrated several documentary shorts for numerous producers, and particularly enjoy working on projects with a medical, scientific or historical subject matter.


With my extensive theatrical training and experience in leading roles at flagship theatres across the United States, I am very comfortable improvising, and also with very difficult and dense text -- with the stamina born from years performing the lengthy works of Shakespeare, Shaw and Moliere.