K.d. O'Neill

K.d. O'Neill

Membre depuis 7 années
"Rounded, Mellow Irish Tones that are warm and trustworthy."

Rounded, Mellow Irish Tones. Can soften further to a Neutral tone.

A warm male voice - soft, reassuring, trustworthy.

Ideal for e-books, corporate e-learning or any narration where the information is to be conveyed clearly and in a reassuring manner.


Mentored under Gary Terrza, graduate of his VO Masterclass. I was also an avid podcaster on the ATS network.


I'm proud of any work I do, especially in the realm of education or "explainer" videos.

A great feeling in helping people out!


I can do minor post-production, such as sound editing and adding music.

I also come from an engineering background and love explaining complex things in a manner that anyone can understand.

I lived in Japan for 8 years and have a good command of the language with a passable local accent!