Jose Berrios

Jose Berrios

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"Casual. Conversational. Professional."

I pride myself on providing excellent customer service to the end client. Be it sending a prompt reply about my voice over services or updating them along the way about an ongoing project, it helps to keep them in the know and myself accountable. We can get on a BodalgoCall, Zoom, Skype or even a Phone call and discuss further how to make your project even more a success.


I've trained or completed webinars with:

• Terry Daniels (current Commercial Demo)
• Dave Fennoy (Narration)
• Marc Cashman (Commercial Reads)
• David Rosenthal (GVAA) Character Reads
• Bill DeWees (Voice Over Success Playbook)
• Joshua Alexander (Voice Over Business)


The proudest one I've done currently involves a project about the Chicago River called "The Backward River" as stated on the project's website it "aims to address the disproportionate impacts of environmental degradation that burden Indigenous communities." I was fortunate enough to land the role of the Spanish speaking character that represents a branch of the river - there are 6 branches of the Chicago River and each one is represented by an English (American) and Spanish voice.

As it turned out, I grew up in an area where the very same river ran right alongside our community of Black, White and Latino families (I am of Puerto Rican descent - both of my parents were from Puerto Rico).


Yes, in a previous life I was part of an acoustic duo (a childhood friend and I) that played guitar and sang songs of the Beatles, James Taylor, Paul Simon and the Indigo Girls - to name a few. In the course of our 20 year run (we disbanded in 2012 but still remain friends), we managed to release 2 CD's (compact discs - for those who are not familiar) of original music under the name "Breakin' Strings" - a YouTube channel features our music. The second CD called "Mother's Sunshine" features a spanish song written by my musical partner and myself. During the recording of the song, I was so excited and filled with joy that we were able to include my father, whom also plays guitar, on the second half of the track.

Long story short...Yes, I'm familiar with post production (I'm not an expert but I continue to learn and expand my skills whenever I get the opportunity), composing and singing. Although I still sing and play guitar for myself, these days I'm concentrating on my voice over career.