Joe French

Joe French

Membre depuis 5 années •
"British, warm, rich and likable with a twist of cheekiness."

An instinctive understanding of the clients needs. Delivering high quality files from my own pro studio with a very quick turnaround. Not ashamed to describe myself as a great communicator and perfectionist when it comes to voice work!


With a deep background in theatre and music my voice has always been very important in my life. Becoming a voice talent was always the next logical step! Now in my 15th year and delivering for happy clients full time!


15 years experience with many many well known and not so well known brands and companies. To my knowledge, I've yet to have an unsatisfied client! : )


I play multiple instruments and can compose, sing, produce and mix. I am extremely adept at vocal harmony and can create joyous acapella harmony tracks!