John McClain

Membre depuis 7 années •
"A guy next door with attitude. Or laid back, it's cool."

From a real guy selling shoes for Skechers to an over the top crazy man selling alcohol for Indian gaming, this guy next door meets Gen X voice creates real, charming and sometimes annoying characters to catch your customers attention and drive them in. What John does...Conversational, Real, Articulate, Playful, Attitude, Gen X, Honest, Cool, Professional. A "guy next door" voice that gives real person feel to any copy. Over 20 years of working both sides of the glass in the VO business ensures you get what you need in a timely manner, no muss, no fuss.


17 plus years as a singer, 20 plus years as a voice over actor as well as a Grammy and Emmy award winning post-production audio producer.


From Intel to Skechers, MGM Resorts to Comedy Central and much in between. John voices for car dealers, explainer videos, casinos, phone holds and e-learning projects.


2 Post-production audio studios with Nuendo and ProTools rigs. Games, film, TV, commercial; we've been creating Grammy and Emmy award winning audio for over 20 years. Two sets of ISDN lines and fully tuned, totally quiet studios to get you what you need. Neumann and Sennheiser microphones, Focusrite mic pre's and pretty much any other bell and/or whistle you need; hundreds of gigs of SFX and over 15 music libraries plus composers on staff. We do audio.