John Calvert

Membre depuis 3 années •
"British English. Articulate, masculine, influential. No accent"

I have been voicing commercials and audio soundtracks since the mid eighties. I am regularly heard by millions on productions for advertisers and organisations in Great Britain, Europe, India, North America, Brazil, UAE , Russia, Asia, Australia and many more.

My specialist areas are productions that need a non-accented, clear voice. In particular: Radio Adverts, TV Commercials, Corporate Productions, Documentaries, Audiobooks, Audio Narration, Trailers & Promos for TV & Radio, Sponsor Credits & Bumpers, Website Animations, Audio Imaging, Learning/Education Modules, IVR & Phone Hold, Instructional & Training Programmes, Announcements, ‘Voice of God’, In-store & Online messages, Medical, Health and Safety training, Audio Soundtracks and many more.

I am a non-union and have my own recording facility equipped with Neumann U87ai mic, Pro Tools, phone patch, Source Connect Now, Cleanfeed & ISDN. Alternatively, your session can be recorded and encoded into a choice of formats and dispatched via email.

I am completely used to self directed recording sessions.


I worked in radio for over a decade as a producer and have been trained by some of the finest people in the business. I am also a successful Commercial Producer and regularly work with some amazing voiceovers.


My voice features on productions for The BBC, ESPN, Her Majesty's Government, American Express, McLaren Cars, Deloitte, OFCOM, Old Spice, Cisco, Hewlett Packard, P&O, Santander, Carlsberg, KPMG, Her Majesty's Government, Pink Floyd, Porche, Cirque du Soleil, Huawei, Tena, Breitling, Asda, Game of Thrones Live, Barclays Bank, IBM, Ferrari, Honda, Samsung, Philips, The European Parliament, Phillips, Bon Jovi, Hasbro, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, Exxon, McAfee, Yamaha, Toyota, Turkish Airlines, De Longhi, Canon, Motorola, Waitrose, Swatch, Frontline, Diners Club International, Halifax and many more.


I have (and still do !) have a successful career in audio production and am very familiar with it. I own my own production facility with Pro Tools, ISDN, Source Connect Now, Cleanfeed, Skype, Neumann U87ai mic etc.