Jeni Dean

Jeni Dean

Membre depuis 6 années •
"Versatile British female voice - Clear, smooth, warm, elegant"

Jeni is a female, Louisiana-based British voice actress. She has the experience of working on multiple games, audio books, commercials and promotional projects. Her accent is naturally Northern British, but is extremely versatile and can do a great many voices, ages, dialects, and accents to native standard.

She provides a very professional, prompt and reliable service and is happy and willing to take direction.

Whatever you project entails, she will be able to create an authentic, engaging and believable voice to fit your needs.

What people are saying:

"She is a very professional voice actress who gets work done on or before deadlines. Jeni is also easy to work with, and willing to listen to direction"
"Most importantly, she is a joy to work with, and always has a great attitude."
"A very professional and engaging individual at all stages of the process. She was very organised and attentive to detail, and worked well to our requirements and deadlines, demonstrating a clear commitment to delivery to a very high standard."

Please note Jeni's Time Zone for recordings is - Central Standard Time Zone [CST].
This is generally 6 hours behind UK/European time [GMT]

Jeni's full resume listing her professional credits is available upon request, or can be found on her website


Includes but not limited to:
•Private VO coaching and Mentoring with Robin Armstrong
•Voice actors boot camp with Rachael Messer
•Social Media Marketing for Actors with Rachael Messer
•The Hudson Voice technique taught by Steve Hudson
•Voice over techniques with Mickey Caputo
•Drama Classes - Manchester England


Voice work includes but not limited to:
Marvel Avengers Academy - Elsa Bloodstone
The Archimage Wars - 10 part audio book series - Phillip Blood
Nexlord - 3 Part audio book series - Currently in production - Phillip Blood
Women of Xal - Project Trinity
DeVoid - Pulsetense Games
Retro Pinball - Gear Worx Productions
Almost A Hero -Bee Square Games
Spoken word poetry - Great White Gravity
Book narration for charity on Radio Fairfax
University Research Study - Benchmarking Assesment Group

Commercial work includes but not limited to:
Power Your Life Today - Podcast opening intro
Klangprojekt Sued - DJ promotions
Dubai’s Power Mix Show - Radio intros and promotions
Insight Africa UK - Educational conference promotion
Miral Pharm ltd - Ravimal Malaris Promotion
MRA Association Staff Welfare - Promotion for social event
Pulse Radio - Radio promotions
Quilox Night Club - Night club promotions
Remax Alliance – Tribute2Troops - Military radio promotions

Further details are available on request


Jeni can provide a professional, authentic, reliable and prompt Voiceover service. She can self edit her work and can deliver your project in a prompt and timely manner.

She can also accommodate same-day turnaround for urgent projects should this be requested and discussed.