Jamiel Cal-Pin

Jamiel Cal-Pin

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"A friendly authentic voice of reason."

Jamiel Cal-Pin VO is a friendly authentic voice of reason perfect for eLearning, explainers, and corporate narrations.


His goal is to bring new and unique life to your project to help you clearly communicate any message.


- Several years of being an on-air radio personality.
- Several years of theater and acting experience.


What is Migration? | YouTube Video | World101 (Osmosis Films)

Hoard 2 Minute Explainer Video | YouTube Video | Hoard

Luxury Shopping at Wertheim Village | YouTube Video | THE SUIT LEAGUE

"Jeep Skate" | Short Film | Kennard Blackwell

"Privacy English" | Instructional Animation | Virtual Research Navigator CHLA (KareToons)


- Experience in audio editing using programs: Audacity, FL Studio, and Garage Band.
- Experience in audio/music production using FL Studio, Logic Pro, and Garage Band.
- Experience in video editing using programs: iMovie, Final Cut Pro 7, and Windows Movie Maker.