James Miller

James Miller

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"Young, clear, friendly, current, natural and versatile"

A young British male voice over from Lichfield, Staffordshire. James has a neutral sounding accent which can be pushed to sound more Northern or Southern, if you need. His voice ranges from bright & friendly, professional & sincere, to urban, current & edgy.

James isn’t a typical “shouty” voice over, he’s just a normal guy, with a playing range of about 18-30.


After leaving school i went on to complete a BA degree in Popular Music Production at The University of Huddersfield, this course covered a wide range of recording techniques and led me to move onto a career in commercial radio.

I trained as a voice over whilst working as a commercial radio producer, where i worked with professional voice overs every day. I took it upon myself to learn from the wide range of voice overs i worked with, before going full time as a voice over artist myself.


Throughout my time as a voice over, i have worked in many different areas, including documentaries, narration, commercials on TV and radio, on hold message systems and more.

My client list includes names such as Audible UK (Amazon), BT, Endsleigh Insurance, BT, Stagecoach, Violet Casino, Dominos Pizza and Barclays Cycle Hire London.


With a degree in Popular Music Production James is fluent in using most audio production software including Adobe Audition, Logic and SaDie