Jordan Harrelson

Jordan Harrelson

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"friendly american male voice with a strength in characters"

My voice range is fairly broad. I've managed to expand to different inflections, pitches, and tones through years of impressions. My natural voice is a soft friendly next door neighbor type. Whilst my character range includes a wide variety (nerdy, jockish, pirate, british, action trailer, monster truck announcer, kids show dinosaur...) to name a few.


I did years of theater in highschool in and out of school. As well as taking a few acting courses in college. I recieved online vocal training and produced a demo with Edge Studio. I've also taken an animation workshop with the Atlanta Voice Over Studio.


I have experience in character work through indie games:
Scheming through zombie apocalypse
Edge of Eternity
My Time at Portia
Crimson Spires

As well as commercial experience:
Avira Free Security