Hesham Elshazly

Hesham Elshazly

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"Deep voice, fatherly figure, to young adult"

I always submit my work before or at the deadline. I can provide vo for short form narration such as different types of character work for gaming, animation, commercial, promo, and audio dramas. I also provide vo for long form narration such as an audiobook. I have easy access to my own studio so no need to worry about delay times to rent or reach an outside studio. It's an acoustically treated space with a cm25 mic and a focusritr 2i2 bundle 2nd Gen.


I took one or more workshops with Chuck Huber, Crispin Freeman, Tasia Valenza, Cassandra Morris, Brent Hagel, Teresa Lim, etc in different categories of vo from character work to Promo & commercial work training. I also took an improv class locally.


I provided vo for walla for the movie loveland slated to release this October.
I voiced the character Controlador for the game Between the Stars.
I voiced Iraqi soldiers for the game Warbox on steam.
I voiced a promo for a local real estate company B2B real estate and for the Ministry of finance/investment


My own editing when necessary and my own small scale ADR self training.