Heinie Brian Hartendorp

Heinie Brian Hartendorp

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"A Filipino who is fluent in both English AND Tagalog"

I have been voicing since 2002 and I've been the voice of both the radio stations I worked with (current included) as well as for TV shows and the PBA in the Philippines.

So if it's radio OR TV commercials, the voice for radio imaging, or even your Saturday morning cartoons, I've got you covered.


I started voicing as a radio presenter first in 1998 then professionally by 2002. In 2000, a voice coach and casting director trained me in their production house (Hit Productions in Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines).

I also joined commercial voicing seminars from 2005 to 2010 (I forget the exact years) as part of my training since I handle radio commercial production as well.

I travelled to Los Angeles and learned scripting, voicing, and producing under Dan O'Day, Nancy Wolfson, and Richard Horvitz back in 2010.


I've worked for the Manila Broadcasting Company in the Philippines with the 90.7 Love Radio (Manila) brand as part of the pioneering team (which we were able to successfully make into the #1 radio station for years to come).

I've voiced for Manny Pacquiao's TV Show, "Pinoy Records" from 2007 to 2010 on GMA 7 and alongside that, I was also voicing for the TV Interstitials for the Philippine Basketball Association from 2007 to 2015.

Currently, I'm the radio imaging producer (and male station voice) for TAG 91.1 - the only Filipino radio station in Dubai.


I've been editing for radio since 2003 and started with Cool Edit 2.0, shifted to Adobe Audition 1.5, 2.0, 3.0, Adobe CS6, then currently on Pro Tools Studio (7.2022).

Aside from that, I create the imaging scripts for the station as well as supervise my team of commercial writers. Speaking of commercials, I also train my talents since I manage them for any of the radio commercials I produce.