Haidi Yacoub

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"My Passion is to Tell your Stories and Sing your Ideas"

A warm voice full of passion, energy, elegance and femininity, a professional attitude flavored with a business mindset, and a “let’s get this job done” attitude, is all what to expect while dealing with Haïdi.

A trilingual voice talent whose passion is to tell your stories in Egyptian Arabic (mother tongue), French and English, and sing your ideas in almost any language.

Coming from a musical background, and having studied music theory, Haïdi has an edge that positions her in voice acting and singing roles. Haïdi is a member of Gravy for the brain Arabia, where she receives constant coaching and mentoring. She also trains weekly on different singing techniques with coach Sherif ElDabaa. In addition to her being a member of the Cairo Celebration Choir led by Maestro Nayer Nagui where she sings as a Soprano.

Haïdi gave her TED talk in Nov, 2017, where thousands were inspired during, and after, the talk to open up and talk about topics that were perceived as Tabos . Haïdi’s main value in life is to always have a positive influence on others and help them discover the best in themselves.

What others say about Haïdi:
Haïdi has a charismatic and on-stage presence. Since the age of 9 she has been known as a fighter. Her stubborn and persistent character helped her achieve a lot of her life dreams while they seemed very far fetched.
Haïdi can turn any unfortunate situation into a positive one, this in addition to her problem solving skills acquired from the Design Thinking methodologies that she coaches to corporate employees.


Gravy for The Brain Arabia
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Egyptian Public Prosecution


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