Guy Harris

Guy Harris

Membre depuis 1 décennie
"A great natural read style and excellent character range"

Having been voicing professionally for 10 years, I have gained a reputation for my natural "real" style and wide range of characters, accents.

I am heard worldwide on hundreds of radio ads, tv spots, video games, web and explainer videos.

My natural voice is used on countless radio commercials and more and more web videos and corporates that use that natural delivery.

I am very easy to work with, have high quality equipment, work fast and won't let you down.


I worked in radio for many years and have always imitated and created new voices, doing this on a daily basis gives me plenty of training and practice.

Currently I am voicing 20+ sessions a day so that keeps me fresh I guess :-)


I work with dozens of big name brands including Apple, RBS, Coca Cola, Vodafone, SAGE, BBC Radio 1, ITV and Etihad Airways

Apple had me voicing the iPhone5 TV Spots in the UAE.

My voice of god style was on tour in 2014 with Ant & Dec too.

My website has all my recent projects and adventures.


My straight natural voice is honest and reassuring and please have a listen to my character demo to experience my versatility.

I am a genuinely nice guy to work with (no pun intended) and deliver professional results every time.