Gonzalo Moreno

Gonzalo Moreno

Membre depuis 1 décennie
"Native Spanish (LAT) Highly clear, neutral and disctintive voice"

Full command of Neutral Spanish and its varieties, (Latin American, Mexican Spanish, European Spanish, Argentinian, etc.) which allows him to perform as a voice-over in any Spanish-speaking country and to adjust to the local accent with no trace of regionalisms.
Creative, professional, very clear, warm, deep, confident, fresh and powerful voice over. Also providing translation services.


Gonzalo Moreno graduated in 2001 from Instituto Superior de Enseñanza Radiofónica (ISER – Argentina – Voice Talent Mat. 6434) with broad experience in all kinds of communications and related disciplines.


Presently, he offers business recordings and Marketing Video Voice Over services for leading firms. Interactive CDs, Internet radio broadcasts, artistic and institutional voice overs for radio stations all over Latin American countries and the US.
Vast experience in voicemail and all voice acting related disciplines.


Also providing first quality spanish voice over jingles production (Singed or not) and professional translations.
Coordinator of special, outdoor coverages for various local radios.
Host and General/Commercial manager of several music shows and news broadcasts.
Columnist in various newspapers and magazines, aided by his current studies in Communication Science at Universidad de Buenos Aires.
Panellist at several oral communication and voice-related professional workshops. Translation services.
Audio gear: Neumann TLM 103, Rode NTK mic, RME and Presonus Preamp, isolated cabine, Nuendo.