Gina Scarpa

Gina Scarpa

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My career began in radio over 20 years ago as an on-air personality and production assistant. For over a decade, my voice was heard on CT & NY radio stations including KC101, WPLR, Radio104, and K104. I moved on to entertainment reporting, writing for various websites, hosting a podcast, and interviewing television personalities and celebrities on a daily basis. I am a professional voice actor with a broadcast-ready home studio complete with Source Connect. Over the last two decades, I have voiced countless commercials, eLearning modules, videos, apps/games, IVR systems, and more. I'd love to collaborate with you on your next project!


Coaching with Diakeim Lyles, Andy Roth, Darren Dunstan, Mary Lynn Wissner, Pam Goldman, and Ned Lott


National television commercial with Xfinity and Invesco as well as voice projects with Google, Procter & Gamble, Frito Lay, L'Oreal, IKEA, VSP, Amerisource Bergen, Salesforce, and Honeywell among others.


Singing, harmonizing, editing, post production