Gerardo Quiroz

Gerardo Quiroz

Membre depuis 2 années •
"A clear and convincing way to communicate. That's my voice."

The best way to communicate with my own voice is when I am the one who reads a text, and in consequence has understood it thoroughly. I have developed this ability. To make mine a text understanding it and understanding what is behind each sentence and behind each word. Clients always want to transmit to the audience something as best as possible in order to achieve a goal. This is my job, to be the voice in clients minds.


I have been in contact with "this world" since 1997. I am also an audio engineer. I have recorded, here in México City, top voice over artists since then. Since 1999
I have taken several courses in commercial speech and storytelling. In schools like Allegro, and with announcers like José Luis Palomera, Carlos Segundo, Love Santini. I consider also valuable to have been so close to great top voice over talents as a recording engineer.


Some of my clients in Mexico are Editorial Clio, Banamex, Telefónica Movistar, NatGeo, HBO, Volkswagen, Editorial Santillana, Audible Inc., Fuxion, etc.


I am also an audio engineer, audio designer and have an audio postproduction facility and professional recording studio.