George Gibb

George Gibb

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"Relatable, Intelligent, Off-RP"

George has been recording voiceovers since he left (and while he still was in) education, with 8 years experience and he's not even halfway though his 20s. George's voice has been described as: trustworthy, relatable, warm, friendly, conversational, genuine, sombre (when needed!), silky, smooth, bright (without being OTT), and his favourite, magnetic (he promises this wasn't his mum).

George can bring an intelligent authority to your script, whilst making sure the listener never feels patronised. This is half as a result of his voiceover style, and half because his accent is "off-RP". You still get the "BBC respectability" without the posh sound and loftiness that comes with a full RP accent that a lot of VOs adopt. This keeps the read grounded and comfy for all listeners.

George also offers script writing/editing services, as well as localisation. He is a veritable one-stop-shop, offering the whole package to keep things simple on the client's end.


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Coca-Cola - Panasonic - Spotify - the United Nations - Skoda - the AA - Volkswagen


German to English Localisation, as well as copywriting and editing.