Eva Believer

Eva Believer

Membre depuis 2 années •
"Lithuanian Voice Over Artist Eva Believer"

Eva has smooth, captivating, pleasant, ear loving voice, suitable for such a variety as funny, animated, sad, friendly, upbeat commercials or infomercials, narrating, long text reading, as it makes sound interesting and never boring. Eva’s voice is super flexible and quickly adapting from child’s to the mature, serious or sexy voice tones. Ability to act and sing is a big bonus sounding different projects. Master’s degree in performing arts such as opera and stage language, also more than 7 years of the leading actress and voice over experience in Lithuanian TV channels and radio, allows Eva to perform at the highest level of professionalism, providing best quality indeed.
Eva Believer successfully worked for the clients such as Youtube, Windows, Libresse, Calzedonia, Philips, Viatris, Dexcom, Anza, Betsafe, Langland, Scania, Husqvarna, Torley Champagne, Ecco Shoes, Supermassive Games etc.


Master's degree in performing arts. 7 years as a leading TV actress and VO in Lithuanian TV channels and radio. Working in UK as VO for 11 years now.


Youtube, Libresse, Calzedonia, Philips, Anza,Betsafe, Langland, Scania, Husqvarna, Torley, Ecco Shoes, Windows 7, Supermassive Games etc.


I sing opera, musical and pop. Also play piano.