Elvis Di Marcantonio

Elvis Di Marcantonio

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"Spanish Voice Over Talent"

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Elvis Di Marcantonio is a native Spanish Voice Over artist, with more than 15 years of international experience.

He works in Spanish (Latin American, Mexican and Venezuelan), Italian and English with a latin accent.

His neutral accent allowed him to work as a narrator and dubbing actor for the Latin American Spanish versions of various documentaries and TV series produced by major international channels, including FOX, Discovery, History Channel and NatGeo.

Elvis can deliver a wide range of dynamic nuances and styles, whether you need a deep engaging tone for a movie trailer; a unique sounding announcer voice for a TV Commercial; a warm and natural read for a documentary; a friendly conversational feel for an animated video, or an informative formal narration for a corporate training video.

He is perfect for your Corporate/Business Video, eLearning Course, Whiteboard Animation, Product/Explainer/Web Video, Phone System Recording, or any kind of VO Project in Spanish.

His experience includes all kinds of VO work:
Web Videos, E-learning, TV Commercials, Documentaries, Radio and TV promos, Animations, Apps (iPad/Android), Audiobooks, Business / Corporate Videos, Industrial / Training Videos, Explainer / DIY / How-To Videos, Medical / Technical / Scientific narration, In-Flight Programs, Direct Response TV, Characters, Latin American Accents, Italian Accent, English Accent, PSA’s, IVR / On-Hold Systems, Video Games, Characters, Dubbing Production, and more.

Elvis works from his own studio, where he can provide you with high-quality voice overs, and also:

- Professional High Quality Audio.
- Fast Turn-Around-Times.
- Editing into Multiple Files.
- Synced Narration for Dubbing.
- Music and Audio Production.
- Skype / IPDTL
- Dubbing Services: If you need to translate a video with different voices, please get in touch!

Elvis can provide you with the whole process of dubbing, including translation, adaptation, casting and recording of other male and female voices, and audio post production.



Elvis discovered his passion for Voice Overs at the early age of 8 years old, playfully recording himself trying to imitate his favorite TV and Radio voices. Since then, he has spent years studying and working on mastering his craft in voice overs and dubbing, in addition to music, acting, stand-up comedy and creative writing, as you can read in his bio: https://www.elvisdimarcantonio.com/en/gusto-en-conocerte


Voice over and dubbing in Spanish, Italian and English with a latin accent.

Dubbing Producer / Studio Owner
Full-Time Voice Over Artist / Dubbing Actor

From his own professional recording studio, he has recorded all kinds of VO projects for clients from at least 20 countries.

He has been the voice of TV commercials for many important brands (see below!)

He has had his own nationally broadcasted music radio program since 2005.

His neutral accent allowed him to work as a Narrator for the Latin American Spanish versions of various documentaries and TV series produced by major international channels, such as FOX, Discovery Channel or NatGeo.

One of his main fields of expertise is Corporate work: including corporate / product / industrial / web videos, training courses, phone systems and internal presentations, all of which he recorded for major companies. He has also narrated hundreds of e-learning courses, audio books, audio guides for museums and educational projects.

Besides voice acting, he also has experience in theater acting, comedy writing and performing, with studies in Caracas, Madrid and New York.


Pepsi Co.
Banco Continental
Banco Atlántida
National Geographic
Discovery Channel
Banco Mercantil
Banco Provincial

...and many, many, many more!

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Elvis’ clients look for:

Warm, confident, deep, sophisticated, conversational, natural, friendly, engaging, corporate, believable, professional, authentic, authoritative, relatable, informative, upbeat, inspirational, educational, animated, knowledgeable, attractive, calm, caring, sincere, trustworthy, strong, narrator, motivational, comforting, classy, movie trailer, smooth, thoughtful, easygoing, concerned, technical, gritty, persuasive, scientific, mysterious.