Elliott Lowe

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"Deep, powerful, intense, edgy.....or friendly and easygoing"
Elliott Lowe

I have a deep, powerful, resonant voice with no discernable accent. I can provide a sound that's dark and intense, professional and authoritative, friendly and easygoing, edgy with an attitude, or anything in between.

You've heard me on TV voicing commercials for Dickies Denim, DraftKings, NRG Home Solar, Tribeca Shortlist, Toshiba, Football University, Credit Sesame, and many others.

Corporate clients include: Microsoft, Toshiba, Bushnell, Bosch, Beckman, Entech Instruments, Cadreon, and ScanMed, to name a few.

And, I've played several roles on the popular Blade & Soul online video game.

My years of experience in the computer business means I'm very comfortable with technical jargon. I'm dependable and will produce quality work for your project, quickly. Customer satisfaction is my top priority.

Contact me to see what I can do for your project!


Education and ongoing training are lifelong pursuits for me. I've worked with some of the top teachers, coaches, and all-around pros in the business, including: Del Mar Media Arts, Anne Ganguzza, Chuck Duran, J Michael Collins, Mary Lynn Wissner, Jeff Howell, Rod Saulsberry, and Bill DeWees.


You've heard me in national TV ads for Dickies Denim, Draft Kings, NRG Home Solar, and Football University.

My corporate client list includes: Microsoft, Toshiba, Toyota, Bushnell, Bosch, Cadreon, Stillhouse, CSC, Adelaida Cellars, and many more.


While not exact impressions, I can do a good job of sounding like Sam Elliott, Jeff Bridges, George Clooney, Mike Rowe, and Dennis Leary.