Elie Iskandar

Membre depuis 3 années •
"Versatile, Authoritative, kind, wise, powerful, deep, soft"

As a professional Bilingual voice actor and impressionist, i have the ability to drastically change my voice to match any situation, i've done promos and ads for every conceivable style from movie trailers, to emotional manifestos, to children's characters, to impressions to narration and so on.
One of my most famous impressions are that of Morgan freeman, James earl jones, sam Elliott and around 200 more to name a few.
I'm also a director and creative director so i know exactly what to deliver on each project.


I'm a self taught VO talent starting at a very early age and i've been working professionally for the past 15+ years recording on almost a daily basis.
Being a director and creative director helped expand my talent further and being an impressionist/comedian/actor truly gave me challenges that ultimately built a very strong portfolio for all forms of voice over.


15+ years of experience, lending my voice to such brands as:

Nissan, Mercedes, Dodge, Ram, Hyundai, Lincoln, jaguar, VW, Jeep, Snickers, KFC, Mcdonalds, heinz, Axe, Lurpack, L'oreal, Trident, Nature valley to name a few, as well as thousands of local brands and projects in the gulf region.

I'm a bi lingual voice actor offering my services in english and Arabic (traditional, levantine)

TVCS, Radio IDS, Radio Spots, Online, Documentaries, Infomercials/graphics, Cartoons, Videogames, Narration +


A very versatile voice with multiple pitch levels, from the depth of the cave of wonders to the high pitch of chipmunk cartoon characters, i can also do up to 200 different impressions on the spot.