Earl Fisher

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"The Joy of Pretending"
Earl Fisher

The joy of pretending sparks the heart, soul and magic in every read. Many times I've been told that my true joy in pretending is what brings my performances to life. I just love taking on the perspective, feelings and qualities of someone different than myself. It's the best kind of play! And it doesn't matter if the personae is an outrageous or quirky character, a conversational spokesman or a knowledgeable narrator. Every voice is interesting and I jump in all the way. Give my demos a listen. Hear my joy for yourself.


MFA in Theater
Classical training
Stand-up Comedy
Workshops with: Marice Tobias, Everett Oliver, Stephane Cornicard, Sara Jane Sherman, Dave Fenoy, Randy Bennett


I've been voice acting for over 30 years.

My work comprises local, regional and national (U.S.) projects, including major brands such as Pepsi, McDonald's, Boeing, Chuck E. Cheese, Toyota, Miller Lite, Radio Disney, Barney and Friends, PBS Sprouts and more.

I've worked in nearly every genre of voice acting: commercial, corporate, animation, games, TV and radio shows, online comics, web marketing, children's narration, e-learning, YouTube, puppets, live events and venue installments.


Exceptional range:
- clean mid-aged conversational voice-print, to warm mature narration, to unique characters.
- 30s to 60s
- many believable character voices
- strong character voice singer