Dave Baird

Membre depuis 4 années •
"Natural, engaging, friendly and funny"

I have a very natural, laid back kind of style which really helps with scripts where you need a real person to engage with the audience. I also have a background in comedy with the tone and timing to make humour leap off the page. I can also do a range of accents and characters to add personality and a real point of difference.


I started life as a copywriter which gave me great insight into the structure of the spoken word. As a voice artist I am self trained with over 15 years of experience in the industry.


I have voiced TV campaigns for Cadbury, Ibuleve gel and Bradford's Building Supplies as well as a number of pre-recorded inserts for the Eurovision Song Contest. On the radio I have recorded commercials for the likes of BMW, Chevrolet, Subway, Domino's Pizza and Visa amongst many others. I also do instore messages for Wilko, Subway and ASDA along with countless phone message and online videos. I have also supplied a number of voices to the game "Divinity - Original Sin"


I am also an experienced writer and live performer