Daniel Dresner

Daniel Dresner

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"Lively, warm and friendly."

I have been doing accents and voices since I was very young. My father was Scottish and my mother posh RP. I grew up in Liverpool and have lived in London, Japan and America. There are very few accents I can't do with a little practice. However, there are a lot of accents I can do immediately.
In terms of character types, I have voiced serious dramas and Narrations as well as light and airy commercials. I have also done quite a few videogames and children's voices.


I studied at the Lee Strasberg Theater Inst in New York City.
Also courses at the actors centre in London.


I voiced the entire NHS online nurses Handbook. It took weeks to do and was very complex with a lot of jargon. I really enjoyed working with the engineer and producer to make the job fun and productive. What was particularly pleasing for me was how few retakes we had to do.


I have a huge range of voices in me. For example, I can do a small Japanese girl all the way up to an old Japanese man.