Daniel Osborne

Membre depuis 5 années •
"Sardonic- the"

Dan Osborne has a wide range of deliveries and tones. From the Guy Next Door (Ie. Tim Allen, Mike Rowe) to the style of Sam Elliott--or the quiet intensity of Clint Eastwood. Narrations that are thought invoking with a brand of storytelling, that keeps the audience anticipating the next line. With a clear voice that can pull off, smooth and professional for presentation or commercials.


With over 30 years in this business, Dan Osborne, has linked great companies such as New York Jets, Walmart, Asiana Airlines, ITT, Cheggs Study, Toyota, John Deere, Hyundai, and the NCAA..not to mention great narrations for PBS. Cummins Engines, to name a few. Dan Osborne, has also been the pleasant greeting voice on the other end of the line for companies like Firestone Bridgestone nationwide.

Dan Osborne learned his VO experience as a Creative Director, writing and voicing ads for Emmis Communications. Having always worked with clients and Account Executives he honed his skills behind the mic as well as in front of valuable clients. Many colleagues, have named him the machine because he listen to what others want and delivers it immediately. Once having a handle on the voice over side, his formal education comes with a Psychology degree and his continued education comes via Marice Tobias and then Nancy Wolfson, nationally recognized coach.


New York Jets (NFL)-- alot of their personal profile narrations plus affiliate voice for their broadcasts
Asiana Airlines
Cheggs Study guide
Indiana Pacers ads
Narratives for the Indianapolis Colts
PBS Documentaries on IOWA State Prison and Prohibition/Bootlegging in Templeton Iowa.


Versatile in Pro Tools and Audition
Good at Editing
Specialize in getting your project on time any time.