Dai Tabuchi

Dai Tabuchi

Membre depuis 6 années •
"Warm & Engaging"

He has extensive voiceover experience for Japan, UK and US TVs and Radios and has recorded hundreds of corporates, documentaries, narratives, commercials . His strong and rich background as an actor has also helped him to work for various radio dramas and computer games.

He is also a well-established actor and has got various film and theatre experiences. His film credits include 007 Spectre (Sam Mendes), THE ANGEL’S SHARE (Ken Loach), 47 RONIN (Carl Rinsch) and MUNICH (Steven Spielberg). His theatre credits include TIN TIN, West End/No 1 Tour (Rufus Norris) and THE OVER COAT Gecko: Hammersmith Lyric & World Tour.


Trained acting and voice professionally at Rose Buford College, BA hons (Acting) (UK) and E'cole Philippe Gaulier (France)

Dai was also selected as a candidate for International Artistic Fellowship 2001 at the Globe Theatre (London)


His range of VO jobs is spread far and wide. He has recorded numerous corporates include: EMC, Kodak, Google, Microsoft, Virgin Atlantic, KLM, Volvo, BMW, Land Rover, Jaguar, Roles Royce, Youtube, DHL, AXA. His commercial clients include: Nike, Qatar Airways, Argos, Mobil 1, Dyson, Japan Formula 1, Carlsberg, Kirin Beer, Nintendo, PlayStation, Game of War, Gummy X. He’s also recorded promos for 2012 London Olympic Games, 2016 American’s Cup for both Japanese and British TV. His narratives include documentaries: KODAWARI Life Europe (NHK), Japanorama (BBC), Outlook (BBC World), Woman’s hour (Radio 4), He also narrated for the weekly motor sport program Mobil 1 The Grid (JSport) 2008-2012. He’s audio-guides credits include: The Louvre, St Paul Cathedral, Harry Potter World, Elvis Presley Museum, Van Gogh Museum, and numerous city audio guides across the world. He has also voiced numerous educational materials such as Oxford University Press, University of Cambridge Language Centre. Dait’s character voicing includes various cartoon such as Hanzo (US/UK) in Award winning program "Chuggington" (CBBC), Mr Bean Animation (BBC). He has also worked for computer games such as Genji 1&2 (PlayStation), Siren 2 (PlayStation), Medieval 2: Total War (Sega), Total War: Shogun 2 (Sega),Battalion Wars (Nintendo Gamecube). His credits on radio/Audio drama includes A Pale View of the Hills (Radio 4), Giles Wembley Hogg Goes Off (Radio 4), Dr, Who: The Gathering (Big Finish), The Judgement of Sherlock Holmes (Big Finishi)