Crawford Blair

Crawford Blair

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"Friendly, engaging, articulate and well-rounded Scottish voice."

I was born and brought up in Western Scotland, but have lived more than half of my life in London, where I worked as a post-production engineer in one of the top 5 studios in London.

Since the age of 20, I have worked in the realm of advertising in radio, television and latterly the internet and have been a critical listener and creator of advertising, documentary and loads of forms of broadcast material for more than two decades. My ear is carefully tuned to the needs of clients.

In 2014 I decided to go freelance and expand my skill set which included a lifelong ambition of becoming a professional voiceover artist, it didn't take me long to realise this was just as interesting, rewarding and fun as being on the other side of the glass, making the actual content.


Since 1993 I have been working in Advertising Post Production, I made commercials and broadcast material every-day since then, directing and creating all sorts of media.

As an Engineer, I had to learn how to bring the best out of a voiceover, I had to learn all the subtle and important details of their craft, in essence, to be able to direct them correctly.

After a few years, I realised that all this accumulated knowledge could be turned back on myself and help me become a voice artist myself and in 2014 I left the studio system to go freelance and pursue voiceover work.


I have recently worked for SSE for a radio campaign, a long-running TV campaign for Nexium, various corporate presentations including some for this year's (2019) Cannes festival for Gambling awareness and Parkinson's disease.


I am a very experienced Post Production audio engineer/sound designer with my own ProTools rig and all the bells and whistles to make professional content for broadcast.