Craig Westwood

Craig Westwood

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"Deep bass baritone voice. Friendly, believable and engaging."

Craig has a deep bass-baritone voice, with a neutral British (UK) accent. Ideal for narration with gravitas, especially for projects where your voiceover needs impact, or a natural sounding voice for explainer, documentary, audiobook or instructional video. Character-work is also a pleasure, and Craig loves the challenge to apply various accents, either serious or comedic, whether the project is advertising, or dramatic.

Craig is also a singer-songwriter and guitarist, and writes and records his own material, having a 3-octave range (A1 to A4, including falsetto) and can devise and sing harmonies too. Great for jingles or songs!


As a degree student at Bretton Hall College / Leeds University, part of Craig's degree was performance-based, and therefore he was often selected for parts in the Drama school productions. Beyond college/university, Craig's interest in music and sound production led him to work alongside Academy Award TV composer Edward Williams for a short spell, before pursuing a career in design and media. As a designer for a computer-based training company in the 1990s, Craig also provided voice-overs for the development team, working on computer-based and later intranet-based training projects for some major blue-chip companies.


Craig has voiced projects for a number of companies and agencies, including:
Admiral Plc
BN Thermic
RS Heating
Bigworld Productions
Jumeirah Golf Estates
Phaiser LLC
Mobileye (Intel)
Lilith Games
The Build Creative
Cape Mentelle


Craig is a singer/songwriter and guitarist, and sings and composes music and songs using Logic Pro X, mixing material in his own home-based studio in Yorkshire, England. He will also add special effects to voice upon request.