Clive Castle

Clive Castle

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"Your Millennial American Voice Choice"

Hi, I'm Clive. I love what I do. And what I do is communicate. I'm a professional voice over talent with several years of experience under my belt. I'd love to provide a high quality, clear American English voice over to your project today.



HQ Audio File: in .WAV and/or .MP3 formats.
Proofreading: I will contact you if I spot any grammar/syntax errors.
Voice Editing: I will edit out any breaths & background noises from the recording.
Split Files: I will split the audio into multiple separate files, at your request.

I am passionately prepared to record my voice for:

Business Tutorials
Whiteboard Animations
Explainer Videos
YouTube Channels
Radio Imaging
Character Impressions
Advertisements / Commercials
Jingles & Rapping
Voicemail Greetings


Hey there, I’m Clive. I’m a Voice Over Artist living in Canada and working worldwide.

We all have little corners of the world that we are instantly drawn to. They are the niches of life that we personalize to our own liking. For me, it was self-expression. I became a communicator long before I even knew what communication was.

As a kid, I would play with my Mickey Mouse recorder with my older brother. We would pretend we had our own radio show, entertaining ourselves, but also an audience of millions in our imaginations. I had no idea what I was doing, but even then, I knew why I continued to do it. It made me happy.

As an adolescent, I would produce fictional audio skits and short clips at home using my computer’s tawdry USB microphone. Humorous and dramatic alike, they were passed around and discussed among my friends at school. Soon, I was recording my own music and becoming enamored with the art of Rap, arguably the most verbose and conversational of all musical genres.

I still did these things to make myself happy, but it soon became clear that there was another reason at play. I was doing it to make others happy, too.

Now, as a young man, I find myself in an upgraded home studio equipped with the tools that will allow me to refine my skill-set and master my craft. My core defining reasons, however, have not changed. I still crave self-expression. I bleed creativity onto every proverbial canvas, sweat out the toxins of stress through artistic flair, and cry tears of passion and joy into the microphone in front of me.

I love what I do. And what I do is communicate. Every script I receive gets my undivided attention and care, so that I may voice my best recording possible. I want to continue to make myself happy doing what I love, and hope others find happiness in my work as well.

Feel free to browse my demos. If you like what you hear and wish to hire me for a project, don't hesitate to get in touch! I look forward to working with you.


I have completed 1000+ projects out of my home studio for clients all around the world, garnering 5-star reviews on freelance websites like Fiverr. I am a true self-starter, and have developed my abilities over the years to a high level of competence and professionalism.


My specialty is my youthful, fresh and energetic vocal narration. I am a young man myself, so you're getting the genuine article.

I am also excellent at time-synchronized audio for videos as I am capable of speaking at a rapid rate with clear enunciation remaining intact. I pay close attention to my articulation of every single word, to ensure that what is being communicated is understood and accessible to every listener. I am also quite skilled at the art of Rap, and coming up with jingle melodies.