Ciara Carruthers

Ciara Carruthers

Membre depuis 4 années •
"Voice over with youthful voice and Irish, neutral, or UK accent"

My voice acting career was sparked by a friend commenting that he would pay to hear me recite the phonebook. I had already been taking opera lessons for several years with the North Portland Vocal Studio & Opera Workshop, and I had been performing as a singer and songwriter for longer, so further delving into voice work seemed like a wonderful idea. I have previously worked as a Spanish and Italian translator, so my love of words has been with me my whole life. My work as a translator has helped my voice work immensely, as I feel that language is is an art form, both written and spoken, and I am now getting to explore the latter more than the former. Since beginning my voice acting career, I have had the privilege to play a young Irish girl in a cartoon, voice a narration of teenagers relaying their difficult childhoods, and I did promotional work for a fantasy book.


I studied with North Portland Vocal Studio & Opera Workshop for three years. During that time, we worked on emoting, breathing, opera repertoire, interpretation, and projection. All of these skills help my music abilities and translate directly into successful and emotive voice acting.


The most fun project I have so far worked on was the voice of 'Aoife' a young girl trying to figure out what her fairy liked to eat, done for the Irish Fairy Door Company.
I also immensely enjoyed doing a promotional script for a fantasy book, in which I was able to play with tones and dynamics, to give a mysterious and other-wordly feel.
Other jobs have included reading narrative pieces by teens speaking about their past pains and their roads to healing, which was important and fulfilling work.


I am also available for composing jingles and singing.