Christina Van Geel

Christina Van Geel

Membre depuis 7 années •
"Warm and yet sparkling. Friendly, inspiring and convincing."

Working, playing and acting with your voice is fun! Every commercial, every narration or documentary has its own specific needs and requirements. It's fascinating to catch the right atmosphere and style with only your voice, fast and accurate.
Warm and yet sparkling. Friendly, inspiring and convincing. Fun, sensual or hard core promo. Corporate, professional and business like. I am very well trained to respond to the customer's needs, whatever they are.
As a professional radio presenter (VRT, Radio 1, Belgian public broadcast, Nostalgie) I am very familiar with presentations and narrations. But I can be just as convincing in funny and ironic commercials.
To give you an impression of the versatility of my voice :
- I've done lots of national commercials for radio and television.
- I am a professional radio presenterr and voice over. Canvas (VRT, televison) EXQI (digital cultural television) and Nostalgie
- When you visit a museum with an audio guide I am often the voice in your ears.
- I've done lots of greetings for voice mails and IVR, as well as navigation systems, e-learning projects and corporate movies.
- My mother tongue is Dutch (Flemish), but I also speak English fluently, and I sound very convincing in French and German.


I have a master degree in English and Dutch linguistics and literature.
As a professional radio and tv voice, journalist and presenter I learned how to use, work with and play with my voice. This way I gained lots of experience in the voice over industry.


I am a professional radio and television voice. Besides my work for Radio and my experience as a voice over for Television, I did a lot of work for different clients. This includes commercials, e-learning, audioguides, IVR, etc.

LIDL, Hema, Carrefour, BNP Paribas, Axa, Cillit Bang, Mentos, Citroën, Cirsue Du Soleil, Texaco, Cofidis, Efteling, Electrabel, Fnac, IBM, Ice Magic, ING, Job@, Latoflex, Metro, Nickelodeon, Vanish, Weight Watchers, ...


We have our own studio, and provide following services : voice over recording, audio production (commercials, e-learning, ...), post production, surround sound.