Chris Stricklin

Chris Stricklin

Membre depuis 1 décennie
"Warm, Deep, Personal, Believable"

The professional sound that's great for direct types of voice presentations. 40+ years of Voice-over Broadcast+Video+Film for any type of delivery for presentations of all forms of vocal media + production talent experience.


Starting out in 1978 at the tender age of on 16 years old, Chris cut his teeth on a local radio station in the Shoals Alabama. Small to major markets and the many steps in the entertainment industry from radio to television and film productions in markets all across the United States. Through all the years and angles, Chris worked with, trained many other voice talents and is a multiple award winning voice artist that has been selected many times for motivation and mentoring at special seminars for colleges and universities in the United States.


ABC, NBC, McDonalds, Buffalo Wild Wings, Proctor Gamble, Clorox, McDonald's, Burger King, Dish Network, GM Automotive, Bell-Howell, Wendy's, History Network, AMC Network, Pizza Hut, Jimmy Johns, KFC, Comcast /Xfinity, Martin Travel and Tours, Remax Real Estate, to countless others.
Professional Full Service Voice Production Facilities.
"Let's take it from concept to finished product"