Bryan Burton

Bryan Burton

Membre depuis 7 années •
"Deep, Smooth, Believable, Friendly Voice that Connects!"

Professional Voice Evaluation & Description of my Voice:

American English (General/Northeast US region), adult male (25-45 age range) voice over artist with excellent vocal delivery skills.

Other Descriptions of my Voice:
Clear, Modern, Military, Contemporary, Hip, Urban Clean, Upbeat, Smooth, Reassuring,
Energetic, Friendly, Athletic, Physical, Mentally Sharp, Guys Guy, Manly, Corporate, Confident, Versatile


•Edge Studio & SuchaVoice Commercial Voice Over Coaching and Training
•Columbia School of Broadcasting/Dreams-to-Destiny Studios: Radio Broadcasting
•United States Air Force: Radio/Satellite/Telecommunications Voice Broadcasting


Selected Voice Talent for Fearless Motivation
Selected Voice Talent for Warrior Voices
Selected Voice Talent for Gatewave which is a around-the-clock audio service for listeners who are blind, visually impaired or reading disabled.
15+ years experience providing voice communications services for US Government Senior Leaders and International dignitaries.


Can provide voice over recordings from my remote/home based studio.