Brian Stafford

Brian Stafford

Membre depuis 4 années
"Natural, Light, Informative, RP, multiple accents"

Educated and precise for corporate narration
Energetic and friendly for commercials
Intuitive storytelling skills for audiobooks
Warm and natural for online training
Good range of accents and character voices for voice acting projects.


Gary Terzza VO masterclass - 2018


I have undertaken a range of voice over work for a multitude of UK based and international clients such as

- Northumbria University
- Sila FM
- Kim Handyside Voice Artist
- Lisk Academy

These projects have included project types such as corporate explainer VO's, commercials and audiobooks.


I am able to offer post production services for any voice over work and am able to supply files in the desired format (wav / mp3 etc). In addition, I can undertake a range of character voices and multiple accents, both for UK dialects and international accents.