Björn Danielsson

Björn Danielsson

Membre depuis 3 années •
"I am a bilingual voice actor - here for you, for your project!"

Björns voice is both warm, trustworthy and enthusiastic.

He has credibility and takes his work seriously and loves it. Either it’s a shorter radio ad or longer e-learning project, Björn can do it. He also does voice acting in games, cartoons and animations in English and Swedish. And he narrates audiobooks, in English. He has almost 10 years of experience doing voice acting, from home, or in a studio near you!

Character voices and Narration in International English – or with different Accents!
Voice overs in swedish with a national accent or south swedish neutral accent.

There are no problems – only solutions, and good communication and satisfied clients is very important to him.


I worked with radio for 25 years and started recording voice overs in swedish there too. Radio was a great and fun experience where I also learned editing and using my voice and personality.
I practice a lot. I audition a lot. I have worked hard on my acting skills. I have talked to a lot of actors and coaches and other voice actors the last 8-10 years.


My recent biggest achievements is my work as a voice actor, in english, in three different american video games.

And i recently recorded an audiobook in english too.

Otherwise I have done a lot of voice overs in swedish over the years, for BMW, Apple, Google, Roche, Mettler Toledo...
Commercials, e-learning, explainer videos, IVR...


I drum! And I can sing rather good. I can edit files and do post production. I can add effects/music to a voice over too.