Billie Wildrick

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"Palpably empathetic, wildly creative, whip smart + playful af"
Billie Wildrick

Two decades into a professional performance career as an actor, singer and director, I have woven stories across the USA. Whether playing to the back of the house on Broadway, or to the intimacy of the studio mic, I am all about truth and connection. Reviewers have called me "blissfully adorable," a "beautifully powerful talent," "captivating," "sexy," "effervescent," "beautifully naturalistic," "enchanting," "a real live wire," and a "sultry siren" with "great heart," "charisma," "a light touch," "frisky, playful exuberance," "crack comic timing," a voice that is "strong," "lithe & full of nuance," and a "Crayola box of skills" who "sparkles, " and "couldn’t be more appealing if she were a banana!"


I started training and acting professionally in the single digits of my youth. I studied vocal and acting performance in college and I have continued training, practicing and educating myself throughout my career. I received focused (and ongoing) voiceover training at The Voice Actor's Studio in Las Vegas, NV.


Among the characters I have played on stage and on mic? A hippie, a groupie, a virgin, a dance instructor, a kid sister, a stewardess, a showgirl, a princess, an artist’s model, a grandmother, 2 maids, a Daffodil, a foley artist, ¼ of an intrepid radio quartet, a nymphomaniacal anthropologist, a burlesque headliner with the sniffles, a Valkyrie, a cheerleader turned erotic art curator, a pink bird with a tail to die for, one of 2 murderous Borden sisters, a lady milliner, a pubescent Von Trapp, a sassy waitress, a prisoner of the inquisition, several femme fatales, Madonna, a therapeutic massage nurse, and the apple munching downfall of mankind.


I am an experienced professional singer with Broadway credits & copious concert, cabaret and recording experience. I am featured on several Broadway Cast recordings and, delightfully, as the endgame song on the Her Interactive Game Nancy Drew Sea of Darkness.

I am also skilled in Logic Pro X and can deliver finished files swiftly.