Arno Lubbinge

Membre depuis 10 années •
"Dutch voice guy; voiceover artist and narration specialist"
Arno Lubbinge

Whatever the tone of voice you need, I can help you. Simply, professionally and whenever you need it.


I have trained with a variety of top Dutch actors, tv and radio presenters and voice actors.

With an American language coach, I'm continually working on improving my (American) English accent. If you like, I can take care of your English texts as well!


From the day I started, which was back in 1995, I have been the voice-over of the SBS 6 television programme Hart van Nederland. This current affairs programme has always had very high ratings in the Netherlands. Through the years, my voice was also heard in dozens of other television programmes, including De Grote Verhuizing (Location! Location!), Domino Day, De Grote Verbouwing (Grand Designs), Van Huis Naar Thuis (The Home Show), Hotel Politie (Hotel Inspector), and various documentaries.

My voice is heard in commercials, e-learning productions and corporate films for a wide range of Dutch companies as well as multinationals, including Pathé Bioscopen, ING, Yamaha Motors,, Hogeschool INHOLLAND, University of Utrecht, Kodak, KPN, and Canon. In fact, anywhere where Dutch is spoken, my voice will be heard!


E-learning productions, such as teaching programmes and examinations, require a calm, reliable voice. One that will not distract from the teaching material, and which is used by someone who understands what he is reading. A role I am cut out for. You will receive a rough recording of the text, with an excellent sound quality.