Anna Crowe

Anna Crowe

Membre depuis 7 années •
"Polished & engaging. Powerful & emotive, with a velvet touch."

Anna is a skilled English/Spanish bilingual talent with 7+ years experience narrating corporate, medical, eLearning, commercials, fiction and nonfiction audiobooks and more. From her professional-grade studio, Anna delivers a warm, trustworthy voice that adds a natural authority and believability to every project. Decades of co-running a successful TV marketing agency shaped a team-player mentality that results in clients receiving quality work delivered on time and on budget.


VO training with Mary Windishar, San Francisco CA

6 months intensive one-on-one coaching with Dave Walsh of WALSHVO, Los Angeles CA

One-on-one training with MaryLynn Wissner, Los Angeles, CA


Partial client list:


Medical, for consumer and B2B:
Weill Cornell Medicine
Wondros (agency)
National Institute of Health (NIH)
Merck (Pharmaceuticals)
Lilly (Pharmaceuticals)
Pfizer (Pharmaceuticals)
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona
Steve Stanard (producer)
Anderson Direct & Digital
IVF Fertility ClinicsDragonfly Design

University of Southern California

Audiobooks, fiction & nonfiction:
Hachette Audio
Berrett-Koehler Publishers
McGraw Hill
Stanford University Press


I have extensive experience as an agency owner for television advertising production. I know how to capture an audience's attention and engage them. Years of work in post-production developed critical and technical skills for creating superior product; I have a great eye and ear for good copy and good audio. Owning my own business taught me to honor deadlines, deliveries and budgets.

I have a degree in Journalism and am an avid, almost rabid, researcher with a focus on accuracy in my work.

Personally, I love to cook and travel and enjoy a happy life by the sea with my husband.