Andréia Campagnim

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"I love the challenge of giving voice and life to creative ideas!"

I have been a voice artist, actress and voice actor for over 10 years. I'm versatile and flexible and my goal is to connect products and/or brands with their consumers. I do voiceovers in the standard, advertising, classic, natural, conversational, colloquial style.
I love the challenge of giving voice and life to creative ideas, whether they are in any segment: institutional, corporate, commercial, retail, training, tutorials, emotives, manifestos, URAs, VCLs, among others.
I have a home studio with treated acoustics and internationally accepted professional equipment.
I work during business hours (Brasilia) from 9am to 6pm and extra


- I have a degree in publicity and advertising from the University of the West of Santa Catarina;
- Graduated in actress from the technical school of actor training AKTORO
- I studied Dubbing with Herbert Richas Jr.
- I studied voiceover with Nadya Schwingel


Well, my trajectory as an announcer and voice artist started in 2010, in the city of Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil.
During this time I gave voice to many advertising campaigns, one of which was awarded the 2020 Best of the Year award by Rede Globo de Televisão - North/Northeast Region. The piece is called "Boquinhas" and the client was WR ENGENHARIA (FORTALEZA/CE)
During all this time I have put my voice in many advertising works, telephone waiting, institutional, documentaries, animations, tutorials, training. Some of the best known brands, at least in Brazil, were: Nivea, Ford, Alimentos Coamo, Conta Simples, Rede Extra, 4Beeflix, Renaut, Ramarim, MMartan, Soluti.
And now I am covering my performance for the international market.


No. I'm just a voice artist. But I send the edited, clean recording, ready for the producer to use.