Amie Breedlove

Amie Breedlove

Membre depuis 10 années •
"Professional Voice Over Artist with a warm, friendly delivery!"

Amie has been a voice over artist for over 20 years. Not only can you hear Amie on commercials, corporate narrations, telephony and video games, but you'll also be reminded to "not forget your receipt" when using the self-checkouts at any Target store.


Amie received her BA in broadcasting from Marshall University and worked in the radio field as a DJ, Production Director and Copywriter for a number of years. She began doing voice overs in 1999.
She's trained with the best in the industry, including; Andy Roth, Rob Paulsen, DB Cooper, David Goldberg and Dave Walsh.
She's taken classes with Edge Studios, as well as participated in That's Voiceover.


Hear Amie at every Target store in the US when you use the self-checkouts. She is also the voice of "Firefly" in the video game, Oil Rush, plus, you can hear Amie's voice around the world with many known and trusted companies, such as: Cisco, Avon, Gerber, Kohl's, Quaker, Apple iStore, Aetna, Citibank, Hilton Orlando, Veggie Tales, Habitat For Humanity, Infinity, Long John Silvers, McGraw-Hill, Highmark Insurance and many many more!


An expert audio editor, Amie can add full production to your project.