Alexander Krapinevich

Alexander Krapinevich

Membre depuis 8 années •
"Russian and Belarusian speaker - in a period of 2 hours."

Dear Colleagues!

I daily work in my own Studio, which is located in Minsk (Belarus).
I collaborate with leading media in their country.
I received training on national television (in Russian).
I am very responsible approach to your orders. Working overtime to get everything done in time.
I am available almost around the clock.
I hope I can help you achieve success in your projects in the Russian or Belarusian language.

All the best!



Second national channel (Minsk, Belarus)


I work as speaker for more than 10 years. I started work at a small radio station, and then worked on national television. I was doing a voice-over texts for documentaries, television announcements and advertisements. I imagine your voice on international exchanges of voice and received several commendations and positive feedback from customers. I can provide these recommendations if you wish.


I can record the voice and then completely clean it from breath and other artifacts, synchronize it with your files, and also add music if necessary.