Alex Banks

Alex Banks

Membre depuis 2 années •
"Versatile, warm, engaging, characterful and educated bass tones"

With his deep, commanding voice, Alex has an instinctive talent for getting the right read for script and dialogue, and excels with accents and characters. He has great timing, comedy skills and a professional attitude, paying extra special attention to detail in all his work.


After a degree from UCL and a brief career in investment management, Alex retrained at GSA - Guildford School of Acting, focusing on Musical Theatre and Voiceover.


Alex has recorded several major TV commercial voiceovers at Wave Studios in Soho for companies including Mercedes Benz, Guinness, Audi, and Levi's. He has also recorded promos and idents for Sky's History Channel and The Discovery Channel at their studios at Isleworth. Along with this he has produced a wide range of different types of projects from his home studio, for gambling software, poetry recordings, and e learning software and many others.


Alex is also a professional big band jazz swing singer, who can also sing in most other styles/genres, from opera to rock.
He played the role of Frank Sinatra in the long running hit West End show 'The Ratpack Live From Las Vegas' both in the UK and the US. Alex is also fluent in Spanish.