Alan Mark

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"Warm and clear ,neutral authentic Scottish voice"

I am new to VO and open to opportunities, direction and feedback. through my training journey and demo reel preparation, I have been drawn to commercial and narrative styles , also. IVR and E learning.
I have always wanted to break into the world of voice work, but life and children happened and I never pursued it until now. I am an open minded and professional person who comes with no ego and loves the variety in genres and the chance to be directed to deliver just what is needed on the day.

Based just outside Edinburgh , Married with two children and working in many areas of the uk due to my job, I have a very observant personality that has allowed me to develop accents and affects of many uk areas that I can add to my character work or varied range in other genres.

Open to student project and non paid work also.

Love to have the opportunity to bring my best work to your projects


Studied with Gravy For the Brain for 18 months covering all genres and also the etiquette around being a VO, expert and brilliant content delivered by Hugh Edwards and Peter Dickson was and is a pleasure to be a part of.


New to voice over and have done a couple of Text to speech projects for Human language project by TAUS


Some post production skills , de breathing and compression etc