Ahmed Abualila

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""I can't imagine despairing after all this fighting."❤"

Hello , every one ,, in the simple way I'm different not just for commercial , but really I'm fresh newly sound not like every one here .
I'm Ahmed Abualila Qualified Arabic voice over artist , recording from my professional studio setup , using :
Rode NT2a
FocusriteUSB audio interfaces .
Ready to hear from you to make a new success .
I'm free 24hrs for you sir/ dear / bro .


Technical Diploma in Voice Over and Audio Recordings


I had recorded for YMCA an E-learning material .
and for Molkhas company for Audio book .
and dubbed 2 films
and more and more success that I believe I'll make with you .


mastery on Audio engineering and post-production .
mastery on time management .
English flunet