Adam Apriawan

Adam Apriawan

Membre depuis 2 années
"Delivering with Smile"

My voice is not to heavy or to light, so people will easier to accept my voice.
I delivered with passion and smile, cause voice over is my passionate job.


I'm learning to be voice over start on August 2001, when I start working on radio station.
Until today I'm still learning how to delivered the massage from the client to audition, cause for me every client have a different purpose.

I working in radio starting as script writer, announcer, producer, till program director, so with this experience at least I will be more easier for me to delivered a massage from client to audition with proper tone and style.


My experience ..
- 3 years in row from 2019 till today as main voice over for 1 product (cigarette product. Djarum Super)
- became for voice over for The soul Publishing from 2019 (Sisi terang / Bright Side Indonesia)


- I have ability to give some wording for local market
- I can give insight about trend and market in Indonesia