Zach Mayo

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"A versatile, elder-millennial, golden-piped voice!"
Zach Mayo

My voice is perfectly suited for explainer videos, web ads, radio/tv spots, and anything that calls for a gritty/blue collar/tough guy voice.


I previously had a career in public radio--during that time, I produced and voiced hundreds of commercial spots and underwriting. While working at the station, I began my new career of VO. I am always working with different coaches/workout classes in order to stay up to date on all the latest industry trends.


I have voiced over a thousand spots during my time in VO--most notable companies would be: Nintendo, Domino's Pizza, McAfee Cyber Security, John Deere, and Walmart.
Plus hundreds of other videos for companies of various sizes!


I also am an award winning (albeit locally) singer with strong rock and roll style vocals!