Willem Rolf

Willem Rolf

Miembro desde 5 años •
"Professional, playful and warm voice-over artist"

My name is Willem Rolf and I am a Dutch voice-over artist, currently affiliated to the production team Noveltone and a trainee at Inter Voice Over, the biggest voice-over agency of the Netherlands.

I provide professionally recorded voice-over work and various other audio productions. I have experience with both Dutch and English/American audiobooks, corporate and educational videos and online commercials. Both playful, warm and serious narration can be created, depending on the project.

My voice has been described as warm, trustworthy/safe, playful and inviting.

The work includes:
- unlimited free revisions until the customer is 100% satisfied.
- quick and extended communications on the details of the project.
- high quality and professional recordings with possible noise removal and video dubbing.
- .wav, mp3 or any other file-format.
- mixing and mastering of the final productions (if needed).

Voice-over work under 200 words can be delivered within 2 days.

Past projects include:
- Online corporate video for Ardagh (explainer video) (2017)
- Educational audiobook for English/ Dutch interactive learning. (2016)
- Artist announcement for Meadow Festival (2018)
- Audiobook narration for ‘Chilling stories’ short (2017)

Feel free to contact me for questions or specific wishes. No strings attached.


- Inter Voice Over workshop (basics)
- Acting course 'Otiskids' in Voorschoten, The Netherlands


Experience with:
+ audiobooks
+ commercials
+ instructional video's
+ online video
+ corporate voice-over
+ artist announcement


- Post production, editing and dubbing.
- Composing fitting production-music ( Noveltone)